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Hello There!

My name is Liam Wiebe, I’m a designer and creative problem solver from Saskatchewan, Canada.

I love sharing meaningful messages to the world through web design and animation!

Years of Design Experience

It all started in Grade 10...

While everyone else was focussing on their assignments, I was introduced to the popular animation software “After Effects” in the 10th grade, and immediately my mind exploded with all the possibilties at my finger tips. From music videos to logo animations, and everything in-between, I tried them all!

In college I was introduced to the complex world of web design. And using my knowledge of animation, I sought to merge the 2 together to create a new type of web experience, one that used the flexibility of websites and the flow of animation to share messages.

In the past 8 years, I’ve learned how to use this ability to share messages across the globe, and now I aim to create unqiue and meaningful web experiences for a wide variety of brands.

Thanks for your time!

– Liam Wiebe

My Clients

The people I’ve been fortunate to work with so far.



Mostly web design and animation, but I have experience with graphic design, UI design, web development, video editing, and print design.

I charge between $3000 – $10000 CAD for most sites. This depends on what type of site you want, and how many features are included.

Feel free to reach out for a free quote at [email protected]

It takes me around 2-6 weeks to complete a website. This includes researching, planning, designing, implementing , optimizing, training clients, and launching the site.

Feel free to reach out for a free quote at [email protected]

I use WordPress, Elementor Pro, and Figma to design the website, and Adobe Illustrator/After Effects to design the animations.

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Absolutely! You will be able to change anything you want.

Along with the design, you’ll also get a custom login experience with help menus and videos explaining exactly how to edit your website!

You do.

Everything I design under our agreement will be yours (including any animations, logos, icons, etc).

I might want display your website on my portfolio, but only if you allow me to.

Yes I can! 

To maintain a site, I charge a monthly fee between $30 – $100 CAD depending on the work involved.

Feel free to reach out for a free quote at [email protected]