Community Refuge in Sask Valley area.
Broadcasting hope, light, and love.

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Client Info

Ryan Davidson is the founder of Antioch, which is an off-shoot of the non-profit youth ministry YFC Saskatoon.

Project Goal

We wanted to create a space where Ryan could share his vision, give updates, and inform the community about upcoming events in the Sask Valley area.


It was important to Ryan that a video was the first thing people see. This allows the viewer to more easily and personally connect with the vision.

homepage for antioch website

Sharing the Plan

The long term goal of Antioch is to create a community centre in the sask vallery area, so he wanted a page dedicated to explaining this goal.

image explaining the antioch community centre in 3 parts


Behind every new project there’s always funding, so Ryan wanted to present a way for people to fund the project in whichever way worked best for them.

list of sponsorship tiers

For All Devices

It’s very important that a site works on all devices.
I customized the layout for phones, tablets, and desktop monitors so it always displays the information in a clean way.
Antioch website on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Client Feedback

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