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Saskatoon Industry Education Council

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Client Info

The Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC) is a non-profit working with 3 school divisions and the Tribal Council schools in Saskatoon. They’re a bridge between Saskatchewan’s career opportunities and the Saskatoon youth.

Project Goal

The SIEC wanted their website to better match their age demographic and “career exploration” vision. They also wanted to improve the usability and branding across all it’s pages.


The biggest overhaul went to their homepage, which used to feature pencil crayons and water-color paints. The SIEC thought these images didn’t capture the “career exploration” vision they wanted and looked “childish”.

They asked me to update the images with a group of students Gr. 6-12 participating in activities similar to the programs SIEC offers. Including Carpentry, Engineering, manufacturing, etc

Along with the images, they also wanted to add social icons and change their slogan.


Mega Menu

In order to organize the 17 programs SIEC currently offers, we created a “mega menu” that allows visitors to see featured programs and an easy-to-read list of all the other programs.

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A while back the SIEC gathered some statistics about their community reach. They wanted to feature these numbers on the homepage. So I added them to the homepage with some animations for visual flare.

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Program Pages

Each one of the 17 programs has its own page on the website. The SIEC asked me to update each of these pages to better reflect their career development vision and branding.

The image on the right is for the “Spotlight on Careers” program. This is one of their largest programs, which takes up to 9 pages on the website.

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For the last few years, the SIEC has been experimenting with blog posts and social media.

Since they wanted to ramp up the number of posts they made this year, they wanted to add a “stay connected” section, which shows live updates of their blog posts, Twitter feed, and events.

stay connected page
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Event Calendar

The SIEC offers career development events all throughout the year, so they wanted a dedicated place on their site for upcoming events and all their details.

The calendar on the right acts like a Google Calendar, which automatically updates whenever an event is added to the system.

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Get Involved Page

This page shows all the ways people can “get involved” in the programs that SIEC offers. 

They wanted me to update this page to be more visually appealing and easy-to-follow so that potential contacts would be more likely to reach out.

get involved page

For All Devices

It’s very important that a site works on all devices.
I customized the layout for phones, tablets, and desktop monitors so it always displays the information in a clean way.
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It’s very important to me that my clients can edit their websites however and whenever they want to.

Through my priority support, I create custom dashboards for each website so my clients can easily navigate the back-end of the site and view important information like analytics.


Client Feedback

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