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Client Info

The Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC) is a non-profit working with 3 school divisions and the Tribal Council schools in Saskatoon. They’re a bridge between Saskatchewan’s career opportunities and the Saskatoon youth.

Project Goal

The SIEC had 2 goals for this project:

    • Make the process of finding Financial Literacy resources much easier for educators
    • Give educators a way to open up good financial discussions


This is where it all starts.

In order to make the process of finding resources much easier, I kept the homepage as simple as possible.

From here, you can choose your class category or scroll down to watch the welcome video.

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Theme Select

All the resources are split up into modules, and those modules are categorized into easy-to-read themes.

Everything is nicely organized and readily available from this one page.

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Teacher's Guide

Each of the 42 modules includes a teacher’s guide explaining everything about that module.

This makes it much easier for educators to understand and utilize all the resources and connect them directly to curriculum.

These fantastic guides were created by Cheryl at OneOliveDesign

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Community Events

SaskMoney gives a way for anyone to share a financial literacy event.

This opens the door to good financial discussions and brings the Saskatchewan community closer.

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More Resources

SaskMoney brings attention to many money-related resources around the province.

This keeps educators in-the-know about current events and trends.

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For All Devices

It’s very important that a site works on all devices.
I customized the layout for phones, tablets, and desktop monitors so it always displays the information in a clean way.
SaskMoney website on desktop, tablet, and mobile

Client Feedback

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