Call me a perfectionist, but I love being able to perfectly express an idea with meaningful design and thoughtfulness.
It’s not just pixels on a screen in the same way that a book isn’t just ink on a page. Motion design is the complex art of sharing ideas in a visually provoking way. And moving those visuals introduces a unique flow of information that is unlike any other artform.
Using motion design, I’ve visualized the hype behind an event, but I’ve also shown the fragile and mentally striking thoughts of depression.
I’ve been so fortunate being able to work with such a variety of people, and I’m so grateful that they brought me into their world, to experience it myself, and to share it with everyone they care for.
I look forward to the possibilities of the future, and I hope I can continue to be thankful for the opportunities that come my way.​​​​​​​
God Bless!

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