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Website to offer professional videography and mapping services
Zach James Media site on desktop
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Client Info

Zach James Media is a business started by Zach Loeppky which offers professional videography and drone mapping services in the Saskatchewan and surrounding area.

Project Goal

Zach wanted a clean, minimal-style website that showcased his unique services in a professional way. He also wanted a simple way for potential clients to contact him through the website.


The homepage is where you’ll find Zach’s unique style. He wanted his site to be clean and minimal, so he could showcase his work without distraction.


Zach James Media homepage

What He Does

Zach’s skill-set is a bit different than other videographers. He was actually introduced to videography through drone mapping (which is using drones to make 3D models of objects for measurements).

He wanted the site to focus on these 2 services.

Zach James Media selection

His Process

We used the mapping and videography pages to describe Zach’s process and the benefits of his services. 

Zach James Media mapping process


No business website is complete without testimonials. So it’s no surprise that Zach’s site features a handful of great comments from his past and current clients.

But incase a testimonial is a little too long, I added a “read more” button which can reveal/hide more information.

Zach James Media testimonials

About Page

Sharing your story is a great way to give your website a personal touch, so Zach’s About Page shares his unique experiences and qualifications.

Zach James Media about page

For All Devices

It’s very important that a site works on all devices.
I customized the layout for phones, tablets, and desktop monitors so it always displays the information in a clean way.
Zach James Media site on desktop, tablet, and mobile


It’s very important to me that my clients can edit their websites however and whenever they want to.

Through my priority support, I create custom dashboards for each website so my clients can easily navigate the back-end of the site and view important information like analytics.

zachjamesmedia daskboard desktop

Client Feedback

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